2019/7/25/improve-with-these-effective-basketball-drills For the love of the game: Improve your court skills with these effective basketball drills

For the love of the game: Improve your court skills with these effective basketball drills

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — From big-name arenas to courts on the streets, basketball is everywhere.

A hoops-crazed nation like the Philippines can inspire one to grab a ball and go for the shot, but not everyone can excel without learning the necessary skills needed.

We listed down unique and effective basketball drills that you — whether a pro player or an aspiring athlete — can use to level up your game.

1. 3-2-1 Perfect

The drill, recommended by several skilled coaches here and abroad, focuses on the shooting aspect of your game.

How to do it:

A player must position himself and shoot from five different spots on the floor — from the two corners, two wings, and top of the key.

The player must make three consecutive shots before moving to the next spot. Once the five spots are covered, he shall repeat the drill coming back— with only two shots required this time around.

Repeat the drill again, with only one shot required from each spot.

2. 7s

In this shooting drill, the player starts at zero. Every made shot will give you one point, while every missed will subtract a point from your score. The goal is to reach 7 points under a strict time limit.

3. Dribbling with a tennis ball

This particular drill, on the other hand, focuses on the ball-handling skills of a player.

How to do it:

A player shall start dribbling a basketball in one hand, while tossing and catching a tennis ball on the other. Experts say the drill makes your dribbling control “ingrained to muscle memory at a faster rate”— so you could focus on other aspects of the game.

4. Baseball

Why not integrate another sports concept in your every day training?

How to do it:

In this drill, a player shall select a spot to shoot from. Just like in baseball, every missed shot is an out. When you make three in a row, you score a run.

The player shall complete nine innings, and shall record his total number of runs throughout the drill.

While the sport is a great workout for all, athletes should keep in mind that basketball players are prone to stress and injuries — which is why cooling down after training or games is important.

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